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duminică, 26 martie 2017

Stan si Bran

Una foto poco conosciuta, scattata nella vita privata, di una coppia di grandi attori, ma prima di tutto, di grandi amici, in arte conosciuti come Stanlio e Ollio.

Nigel Farage


The Jerusalem Post

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Analysis: Israel's new approach to Hamas?
Hamas most probably will try to avenge the killing of Fuqaha – not directly from Gaza, but indirectly from the West Bank or Jerusalem – without leaving its own prints.
Caroline Glick: Trump’s greatest deal
The Iran deal Trump needs to make with the Russians is clear.
Iran sanctions 15 US firms, citing Israel ties and 'human rights'
Tehran's move came two days after the US imposed sanctions on 30 foreign companies or...


U.S.-backed Syrian militia makes gains against Islamic State
A Kurdish and Arab Syrian militia backed by the United States has captured the town of Karama as it prepares for an assault on the Islamic State stronghold of Raqqa that it expects to take place in early April, it said on Sunday. The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) has trapped Raqqa in a shrinking pocket of territory on the northern bank of the Euphrates and has advanced toward it in a multi-pronged offensive over several months. Dejwar Khabat, a field commander with the SDF, said he expects the assault on Raqqa to begin in early April, affirming a timeline reported by Reuters earlier this month, after the U.S.-backed militia closes the gap on the city on more fronts. Read More

Pastile de intinerire

NASA testează pastile de întinerire care s-au dovedit a fi eficiente pentru şoarecii de laborator! Vom deveni nemuritori?
NASA a anunţat recent că intenţionează să administreze un medicament care să inverseze procesul îmbătrânirii pentru astronauţii care vor face expediţiile viitoare pe Marte. Calendarul pentru teste este programat să înceapă în aproximativ șase luni. Medicamentul a fost utilizat pe șoareci și este confirmat că are efectele scontate, lucrând asupra (...)

sâmbătă, 25 martie 2017


Why ISIS is Failing to Build a Caliphate in Afghanistan
Of all the countries the Islamic State militant group (ISIS) has tried to conquer, Afghanistan has proved the toughest. Three days after the video came out, a bomb went off at the rear of a military hospital in the Afghan capital of Kabul. Taken together and in isolation, these two events seem to suggest that ISIS is thriving in Afghanistan, just as it once did in Libya, Iraq and Syria. Read More