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Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton Slams 'Anti-Immigrant' Nigel Farage
Clinton's speech sought to link Donald Trump to "right-wing nationalism around the world."
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Appeasing Putin Won’t Work in Ukraine
Putin is not afraid to start a war if he thinks it will keep him in power.
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Polls Suggest Trump Needs to Shift Again on Immigration
Despite a year advocating mass deportations, he has not convinced anyone—even Republicans—to flip to his side.
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Viktor Orban
Hungary to Build Second Serbian Border Fence
EU-Turkey deal on migration may break down.
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The 'Norway Model' Would Go Back on Brexit
Being in the EEA would not 'take back control' for the U.K. but it might contain economic damage.
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Turkish Tanks driving to Syria's Jarabulus
Has Turkey Prepared for a Lengthy War in Syria?
Turkey wants to prevent a Kurdish state—but it is not the only power with political aims in Syria.
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Zimbabwe protest
Zimbabwe Opposition Converges on Harare Demanding Electoral Reforms
Some 150,000 people are expected to march through Harare on Friday.
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grindr catholic church gay dating
Catholic Church Investigates Claims Priests Are Using Gay Dating App Grindr
Archbishop of Dublin said people would need to come forward with "solid evidence."
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Crossbow attack scene
Three Killed in Toronto Crossbow Attack
All the victims were adults, while one other person was taken to hospital, police said.
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Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo: Real Madrid Star Sets Surprise Date For Retirement
Ronaldo won UEFA's Best Player in Europe award.
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