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vineri, 12 august 2016


  • Donald Trump’s tone-deaf embrace of Russia
    Washington Post
    More Trump: "I think it would be great. Number one, I don't know Putin. I couldn't care. I don't know Putin. But I think it would be great if the United States actually got along with Russia. Which we don't. But on his watch, Crimea was taken. And, you know, nobody mentions that." This week, America has a new folk hero. Unhappy about having to compete against a swimmer who has tested positive for doping, 19-year-old Lilly King was caught on camera waving her finger at Russian Yulia Efimova. Then she dissed her for "drug cheating." And then she beat her for a gold medal. It is arguably the most memorable moment of these early Games. Partially that's because a young, brash American trash-talked Read More

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