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Aylan Kurdi
Exclusive: Grandfather of Alan Kurdi Begs World to End Syrian War
Sexo Seno Kurdi tells Newsweek of his trauma a year after losing his daughter and grandchildren.
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Insects - crickets
How Insects Are Advancing Hearing Aid Technology
The physiology of how insects process sound holds promises for developing hearing aid tech.
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ISIS in Raqqa
Has ISIS Really Banned Football Referees in Syria?
A monitoring group said ISIS outlawed the officials as they implement the "laws of FIFA."
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Bashar al-Assad
Why Assad Won't Face Justice Over Chemical Weapons Any Time Soon
The U.N. has officially implicated the Syrian Air Force in chemical weapon attacks in Syria.
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Zika mosquito sprayer
Zika Puts 2 Billion in Africa and Asia at Risk
Populations in Nigeria, India and Indonesia are at particular risk of outbreaks.
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Sigmar Gabriel and Angela Merkel
Angela Merkel’s Approval Rating Falls To Five-Year Low
The German Chancellor is under more pressure amidst populist right-wing resurgence.
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Newsweek's Foreign Service Podcast: Mental Health, Treating the Stigma
Hillary Clinton wants mental and physical health to be treated the same—can it happen?
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samsung galaxy note 7 recall iphone
Samsung’s iPhone 7 Rival Faces Global Recall After Fire Reports
A global recall of Samsung's flagship Galaxy Note 7 smartphone would be unprecedented.
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How the U.S. Can Win in Syria
It's time to recognize that containment of the Syria crisis isn't working.
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Jackie Chan and Luc Besson
Actor Jackie Chan To Be Awarded Honorary Oscar
The Rush Hour star is one of four filmmakers to receive the honorary prize.
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