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Donald Trump
Just How Similar Is Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler?
Both men represent their personal character as the antidote to all social and political problems.
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9/11 - World Trade Center
Why Post-9/11, Racial and Religious Profiling Is In Danger of Becoming Normalized
Blame is now apportioned not due to actions done, but names shared.
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Assad Starves and Pounds His Way to Victory in Syria
Weakened by years of food and medicine shortages, the people can't hold out.
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Kim Jong un
Why North Korea is Misunderstood in the West
Is the country a threat to global security, or a weak state unable to care for its population?
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David Miliband at an International Rescue Committee ceremony in New York.
David Miliband: Labour Must Not Become Euroskeptics
Former Foreign Secretary says party has become unelectable.
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Hungary Clashes With Nordic States Over Refugee Crisis
War of words erupts ahead of a referendum on refugees in the Eastern European state.
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What Millennials Want From Hillary Clinton
This key demographic wants to hear more from the candidates than promises of cheaper higher education.
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Rodrigo Duterte
Duterte Gives 'Hypocritical' EU the Finger and a Four-Letter Dressing Down
The Philippine president provided the crass rebuke after the bloc expressed concern about his drug war.
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Young women
British Women Under 30 Are Living In 'Suspended Adulthood'
Four in ten young people, from a poll of thousands, said they felt worn down.
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Marion Cotillard
Cotillard Denies Involvement in Pitt and Jolie Divorce
Cotillard hopes Pitt and Jolie will "find peace" after announcing their split.
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