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Do you travel by your stomach? Does your inner craving break free at the smell of fried chicken, pizza, souffle or even authentic salads? Then you are in for a real treat.
America’s myriad of restaurants in the famous food cities feed hundreds of people everyday not just with the delicacies, but also with the mouth-watering smell, the beckoning clink of dishes and the merry sound of wine filling the glasses. If you are a big foodie prowling the streets with a cavalry of taste buds that need to be pleased, then America is the place to be. With culinary treats at almost every corner you turn, the best food cities in the USA can blow your mind away.
Let’s dig in.
1. New Orleans

Known as the birthplace of classic dishes like oysters, crawfish etouffee, gumbo and the likes, this city has been a culinary crossroad of French, Spanish and Western African flavors, which is also termed as the Creole cuisine. Other signature dishes that this city has to offer are po’boys, piping hot beignets, perfectly fried chicken platters, spicy, blackened redfish and more. If you visit New Orleans, I can guarantee you one thing: no matter how much you eat, it will never be enough and you will never be halfway through the culinary heaven that is New Orleans.

2. San Francisco

Can you relate to the American obsession with local and seasonal ingredients? Then you would love San Francisco because this is where it all started. This city is the legendary hub for great wine, lip-smacking cuisine and amazing coffee, just the way you would like it. San Francisco takes everyday gourmet living to the next level with classic yet surprising flavors and modern-day techniques.

3. New York

New York City. We are talking about massive food innovations, rich history, enormous turnover, high-stakes and Michelin stars. This city is rich with diversity ranging from dumplings, over-stuffed tacos to Indian curries and Roman-style pizzas and more. The global twist to the delicacies is endearing. In between bites, you catch up on some great bookstores and luxury boutiques. Need I say anything more?

4. Chicago

In Chicago, established restaurants churn out delicious tacos, pork, deep-dish pizza, buttermilk fried chicken, Salisbury steak, Italian beef and Chicago dogs by the minute. Progressive cuisine with a modernist influence has snatched the limelight in this windy city. Chicago has actually been a steak town since the 19th century until the foundation of fine dining was laid in 1987. Since then the city’s gustatory experience flourished and turned into a massive mouth-watering eatery hole.

5. Boston

Boston is a city that has more than New England food to offer. It also has a touch of Maine and Connecticut flavors to shake up the concoction. The lobster roll is a shining example. This city is ripe with an immense cultural history and an astounding array of seafood to take your pick from. In addition to the exceptional food, the restaurants deserve a special mention with world-famous chefs stirring up one delicacy after the other.

6. Philadelphia

Think cheesesteak. Now think the same cheesesteak being made with Wagyu beef, foie gras, and truffled cheese! That’s what you get for $120 on the Rittenhouse Square and that, my friends, is considered street food. Now can you imagine what fine-dining would be like in this place? Welcome to Philadelphia. This is a city where you would get plenty of hummus variations, signature sandwich, top-5 ranked pizza, need I say more?

7. Portland

Portland blossomed into glory with an off-beat cuisine including pizzas, meat, 700+ food carts, wine, crafted beer and more. This city takes great pride in its food and style. While most people can tell you where every menu item is from, some hunt their own meat and some raise their own herbs. From modern Chinese to steak fries, croquet monsieurs to Baltic lagers, you name it and you will find it in Portland.

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