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Algeria Paralympic team investigated for avoiding Israel match

The Algerian team was set to play the US on Friday, with another match set against Israel on Saturday.
UK's Labour suspends Jewish donor for likening Nazis to Corbyn leadership

British opposition party says Michael Foster's membership had been suspended on allegations of breaching election rules which prohibit "abuse of any kind."
The 9/11 generation

A decade and a half on from the deadliest terrorist attack in history, its aftereffects are still being felt.
Adolf Hitler — The evil mastermind, the 'super junkie'

A newly-translated book details how the Nazi leader's war years were fueled by a 'toxic cocktail' of cocaine, animal hormones, vitamins and narcotics.
Jewish people stole my Christ movie, Mel Gibson reportedly tells Glenn Beck

The discussion was first prompted by Beck's praise of the actor's recent 10 year anniversary marking his sobriety from alcohol.
Candidly speaking: Ronald Lauder: A unique global Jewish leader

Ronald Lauder has emerged as a renaissance global Jewish lay leader.
Netanyahu on 9/11: Israel stands shoulder-to-shoulder with 'greatest ally' US

Steinitz says Netanyahu’s "ethnic cleansing" raised serious problem in PA propaganda.
Jewish refugee from iconic World War II photo dies at 92

The photo was taken on August 14, 1945 after the news of Japan’s surrender and the end of World War II was broadcast.
Can the deal to end Syria's Civil War succeed and is it good for Israel?

Despite some reservations, the agreement does provide hope for at least some lessening of the bloodshed and lowering of the flames.

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