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joi, 15 septembrie 2016

The Jerusalem Post

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Is a new Gulf War imminent?
"If they are preparing an army to invade us, we are not easily taken by someone who would make war on us," Prince Khaled al-Faisal warns.
Canceled course at Berkeley University: How to get rid of Israel

This course is only the beginning of the next wave of anti-Semitism that has spread throughout US campuses.
Israel suffers serious blow to intelligence gathering abilities

There can be no sugarcoating the fact that the Defense Ministry and the Ofek-11 satellite's makers, Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), are worried.
Has Germany's iconic Oktoberfest dress become Islamic?

"In my burkirndl anyone can see where I come from," says German woman who designed the Islamic-styled variation of the traditional Bavarian dress.
Peace icon or impediment to 2-state solution? Palestinians split on Peres

Palestinian leadership and civil society reflect on Peres in light of the former president's deteriorating health.
Ricky Martin shakes his bon-bon (and everything else) in Tel Aviv

Latin pop sensation has fans in Israel 'Livin' La Vida Loca.'
Palestinian sentenced to life for murder of soldier Almog Shiloni

New law invoked to block future Schalit-style prisoner exchange.
'West Bank settler housing starts up 17% in 2016'

While the rest of the country saw a decrease in the starting of new housing settlements saw an increase.
Archeologists find 1st-century gold coin with Nero’s image in Jerusalem

“The coin is exceptional because this is the first time that a coin of this kind has turned up in Jerusalem in a scientific dig.”
US General: Israel is key to fighting world’s terrorism problem

US Brig. Gen. (ret.) Russell Howard thinks the US can cope with ongoing terror threats, but expressed concerns over Europe.

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