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The Jerusalem Post

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Pride and affirmative prejudice: Donald Trump and the Jews
A 'Jerusalem Post' special report explores differing perspectives on the Republican presidential nominee's decades-long relationship with the Jewish community.
A Palestinian assailant's final morning leading up to attack

See full text below of farewell letter written by the assailant in Friday's ramming attack that was obtained by the 'Post.'
J Street, Americans for Peace Now urge Congress not to obstruct Iran deal

The letter was initiated by NIAC Action, a lobbying group affiliated with the National Iranian American Council.
Pope Francis and Donald Trump wish for Shimon Peres to have a full recovery after stroke

Peres and Pope Francis last met in June when the former president visited the pontiff at the Vatican.
Al-Aksa mosque preacher calls on Allah to blow up Moscow, DC

"Oh Allah in these blessed days and from your al-Aksa mosque, the center of blessings...we seek you to vanquish America and Russia."
Israel ends Paralympics with three bronze medals in Rio

Paralympics come to a close at the Maracana; Tokyo 2020 within sight.
Australian MP: It’s beyond the pale if Hamas used our money to build tunnels

“Hamas is a terror group and should not get tax funds," says Australian MP.
Empowering east Jerusalem

Community centers serving the Arab sector provide activities and enrichment for youth and adults.
Report: Jordan asks Israel to clarify killing of Damascus Gate terrorist

Jordan's foreign minister has reportedly invited Israel's ambassador to the kingdom to provide details on the events of Friday's attempted stabbing attack in Jerusalem.
ICC unlikely to take action against Israel in the near future

Since Jan. 2015, ICC Prosecutor Bensouda has been preliminarily examining Israel and “Palestine” for alleged war crimes violations relating to the 2014 Gaza war.

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