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Odorica --

Last Friday, I was elected as the new Leader of UKIP. In my acceptance speech I noted that it is truly an honour to lead the party that won the European Elections in 2014 and easily came third by number of votes cast in the 2015 General Election even as we were handicapped by a flawed and morally bankrupt ‘First Past The Post’ electoral system. I also declared that under my leadership, UKIP is the opposition party in waiting.

I have made it clear time and time again that we will not accept Brexit-lite.

That means NO to EU associate membership, NO to Single Market controls and NO to unrestricted and uncontrolled freedom of movement into this country for hundreds of millions of EU citizens.

UKIP will campaign for a sovereign independent UK, free to make global trade deals and a UK that has full controls over migration. We must not see any backsliding on Brexit from Theresa May and the Conservative government. That's why we need your help to ensure UKIP can hold their feet to the fire

I hope we can all work together going forward to achieve the ambition of becoming the official opposition party in British politics. If you would like to help us win and aren't already a member, then please consider joining UKIP today.

Best wishes,

Diane James MEP

UKIP Leader

UKIP · Lexdrum House, King Charles Business Park, Newton Abbot, Devon TQ12 6UT, United Kingdom
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