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How Donald Trump Ditched U.S. Steel Workers in Favor of China
With their industries besieged by imports, key swing states were deprived of untold millions of dollars as Trump chose China.
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Hungary Border Fence
Hungarian Jews Slam 'Nazi-Like' Government Referendum Campaign
'The public discourse on the migrant issue has crossed the line into hate speech.'
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Theresa May soldiers
Britain To Opt Out Of Human Rights Law In Wartime
Move aimed at making it harder to prosecute soldiers returning from conflicts.
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Tim Kaine and Mike Pence’s Vice Presidential Debate: What You Need to Know
The vice presidential candidates will face off Tuesday night in their only debate of the 2016 election season.
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Temperature earth
Temperature of Earth Reaches Highest Level in 115,000 Years
A former NASA climate scientist says the "young people's burden" is spreading like cancer.
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Iskander tactical missile
Russia Practices Pre-Emptive Missile Hits on West
Missile troops in the border Leningrad region are fighting a "simulated enemy."
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Is the Imminent Defeat of ISIS the End of Islamism?
Even if ISIS is crushed, any celebration should be short-lived.
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bruce spingsteen
Why Bruce Springsteen's Decision to Disclose His Battle With Depression is Important
Springsteen's revelation is unique because his image runs counter to depression stereotypes.
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Nigerian actresses
Nigerian Actress Banned From Filmmaking After Holding Hands and Cuddling in Music Video
Rahama Sadau is a popular figure in northern Nigeria's film industry, Kannywood.
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