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ISIS school in Manbij
Exclusive: Private ISIS Letter Outlines Group’s Merciless Tactics Ahead of Mosul Battle
In a message to besieged ISIS fighters in former stronghold Manbij, a commander tells them not to come back alive.
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Iraqi tanks head towards Mosul
In Mosul, Civilians Describe Their Preparations for a Coming Battle
Iraqi troops and their allies are on the brink of taking back the city.
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Donald Trump
Here Are the Absurd Instructions for Filming Donald Trump in Your Movie
A memo sent to the producers of 'Wall Street 2' demands "warm golden lighting" and a "defined jaw-line" for Mr. Trump.
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Aisha Buhari
Nigeria’s First Lady: I May Not Back Husband Buhari at Next Election
Aisha Buhari has said her husband "does not know" the majority of ministers he has appointed.
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Aleppo children
Aleppo: Now Is the Time for Action, Not More Hand-Wringing
War Child's Colin Walker proposes bold actions the U.K. government could take in Syria.
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Newsweek's Foreign Service Podcast: Can There Be a Republican President Again?
Has Donald Trump scuppered the GOP's chances of reaching the White House once and for all?
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People With Autism Are More Able to Ignore Their Impulses
A condition called "emotional blindness" causes people with autism to ignore their emotions when making a decision.
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Arya Stark on Game of Thrones
Is 'Game of Thrones' Planning Another Stark Reunion?
First it was Jon and Sansa, could these "Thrones" siblings be next?
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Fans look on after the UEFA Europa League round of 16, second leg match between Manchester United and Liverpool, March 17.
Liverpool vs Man United: Rivals Condemn Offensive Chants Ahead of Showdown
Songs about Heysel, Hillsborough and the Munich Air Disaster have been heard in the past.
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