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Donald Trump's Companies Destroyed Emails in Defiance of Court Orders
The Republican nominee testified that officials with his company had been tossing records into the shredder and garbage.
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Iraqi Special Forces
Iraqi Special Forces Launch Dawn Offensive Against ISIS to Edge Closer to Mosul
The elite unit had paused its advance to allow other units to make similar progress.
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Ethiopia prayer ceremony
Ethiopia ‘Releases 2,000 Detainees’ Held Under State of Emergency
The state of emergency is meant to crack down on anti-government rhetoric.
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Pakistan Court of Justice
Pakistan Supreme Court Blocks Execution of Schizophrenic Murder Convict
An earlier hearing had ruled that schizophrenia was not a permanent mental disorder.
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Geert Wilders
Dutch Politician Geert Wilders Tells Hate Trial: 'I've Said Nothing Wrong'
The Freedom Party leader was charged over his appearance at a local election rally in 2014.
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French Business Task Force to Lure Post-Brexit Britons: Report
Finance, industry, energy and mining are said to be among the sectors targeted.
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Pravin Gordhan
South African Prosecutors Drop Fraud Charges Against Finance Minister
The Treasury had described the charges as being politically motivated.
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Vladimir Putin’s 'Daughter’ Competes in Rock ‘N’ Roll Dance Tournament
The Kremlin has never confirmed reports of what the president's children look like as adults.
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Gareth Bale, right, with Cristiano Ronaldo.
Gareth Bale: Real Madrid Star Has Reported $1 Billion Buyout Clause in New Deal
Bale has signed on at Santiago Bernabeu until June 2022.
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