luni, 10 octombrie 2016

The Jerusalem Post

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Munich’s Schmock restaurant closes due to Israel-hate

The Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions movement has for years held events targeting Israel in facilities subsidized by the Munich Municipality.

Who won the second Clinton-Trump presidential debate?

Party leaders remained concerned that Trump had not shown enough contrition over the sexually aggressive remarks
Jerusalem shooting attack serves Hamas goal of igniting West Bank

Hamas seeks to start a new intifada and use it to burn Israel – and the Palestinian Authority.
Terra Incognita: Europe exported ISIS jihadism as it once did Nazism

If European states must institute zero tolerance for extremism and Islamist intolerance.
The banker who used Nazis to help save Jews

Friedrich Carl von Oppenheim used bureaucratic and legal channels to make a difference in WWII.
Judge who delayed terrorist's entry to prison faces calls for dismissal

Terror victim's son slams ruling as "one of the most serious failures in the judicial history of Israel."

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