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The Jerusalem Post

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Poll: Israelis think Clinton tougher on Israel, but prefer her to Trump

Sixty-three percent of Israeli Arab respondents to Peace Index poll said the country's situation was either "very" or "moderately" good.
Caroline Glick: From Yemen to Turtle Bay

Iran’s game is clear enough. It wishes to replace the US as the regional hegemon, at the US’s expense.
Son of US soldier killed in Afghanistan shares bar mitzvah with Israeli counterparts 

"It feels really great to be around people who know what I’m going through." 
The next 50 years of Jerusalem

Jerusalem Foundation President Yohanna Arbib-Perugia shares her vision for a rapidly changing city.
Egyptian army kills over 100 ISIS militants in response to deadly terror attack
 Cairo targeted the terror organization after Islamist militants killed 12 members of Egypt's military 
Jewish brothers assaulted following Yom Kippur services in Brooklyn
The episode occurred on Wednesday as the brothers were walking back from the Flatbush Park Jewish Center in Mill Basin.

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