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joi, 27 octombrie 2016

The Jerusalem Post

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The coming shift: Hillary Clinton's plans for Israel and Iran

Hillary Clinton’s inner circle speaks to the 'Post' on how her administration will handle relations with Israel and Iran.
Jews blamed for Holocaust in UK event slammed by Israeli embassy

A campaign for the UK to apologize over the 1917 Balfour Declaration.
Which Israeli journalist sexually assaulted a ‘Jewish Journal’ reporter?

“After I answered one of his questions in a way that moved him, he lurched at me..."
Pope Francis: ‘God promised the land to the people of Israel’
Israeli Deputy Minister for Regional Cooperation Ayoub Kara felt the pontiff was sending a direct message to UNESCO.
Mideast regional powers growing uneasy with Abbas
In a signal of its growing frustration, Saudi Arabia has reportedly not made any contributions since April.
Analysis: What brought on the dramatic UNESCO upset?
The Palestinians and the Jordanians submitted the softer version of the resolution.
WATCH: Trump promises Israel he'd stand up to Iran

Republican candidate would fire officials if they refused to move America’s embassy to Jerusalem
Hedge-fund managers gather in Tel Aviv for investment tips and charity
Co-founder of Sohn Conference brushes off concerns about Israeli role in binary options.

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