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How Big Is the Threat to Europe From Jihadis Fleeing Mosul?

The threat from within Europe appears greater than that from ISIS's central command.

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'Trump' Goes Down in Flames During Britain's Bonfire Night

The failed attempt to blow up Parliament in 1605 is remembered with fireworks and bonfires.

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Can Trump’s Groping Accusers Sue Him?

Trump is a "libel bully" who brings lawsuits to intimidate his critics.

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Trump vs. Clinton Is a Generational Battle Between Young and Old

The young will be stuck with the results of the election for many more years than the rest of us.

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Europe Quietly Arms Itself Against a Russian Invasion

"Everything is about Russia taking back territory that was historically Soviet."

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Andy Murray

Andy Murray Satisfied in Becoming First Top-Ranked British Tennis Player

'It's been such a difficult thing to do during my career because of how good the guys around me have been, the guys ahead of me,' Murray said.

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Eden Hazard

Chelsea Storms To 5-0 Win Over Everton: Five Key Talking Points

Antonio Conte's Chelsea hosted Everton in the Premier League.

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Donald Trump Threatens Nation's Progress, Obama Tells Bill Maher

The HBO host sits down with the president to talk drug law reform, the media landscape, food safety, progressivism and, of course, the election.

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Cash Crop: California Sees Dollar Signs With Marijuana Legalization

If passed, Proposition 64 could bring millions of dollars into small towns via local taxes.

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