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Newsweek Exclusive: Why Russia President Vladimir Putin Is Backing Donald Trump

Did Russia Install Donald Trump As the Next U.S. President?

Moscow helped ensure that the only candidate who will be friendly to Russia has gained office.

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Shock. Anger. Grief: How Women Worldwide Reacted to Hillary Clinton’s Defeat

„This election sends a message to women across the world that powerful men can sexually assault you and still be elected president.”

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President Trump Must Light a Bonfire of Regulations

Here’s a simple prescription: Whatever Obama did by regulation, undo.

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Does Trump Have a Foreign Policy?

America First isolationism does not tally with interventionist imperialism.

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Ross Brawn

Hamilton, Schumacher and VR in F1: Ross Brawn Chats to Newsweek

Brawn was team principal at Mercedes until 2014.

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Jacob Zuma

South Africa: What’s the Point of No Confidence Motions Against President Jacob Zuma?

Zuma has survived three motions since the start of 2015.

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Neil Buchanan: The Cruel ‘Crooked’ Caricature That Doomed Clinton

Clinton’s supposed scandals never amounted to anything.

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Man of the People? Trump’s Twitter Strategy Shows a New Path to Win

Trump was able to reach voters directly, in his own voice, turning retail politics on its head.

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rat tickle science neuroscience

Tickling Rats Pinpoints ‘Tickle Center’ of Mammalian Brain

Neuroscientists at Humboldt University of Berlin pinpoint „tickle center” of mammalian brain.

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