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Police at Brussels Christmas Market
U.S. Warns of ISIS Holiday Season Attacks at European 'Festivals, Outdoor Markets'
The State Department says ISIS and Al-Qaeda are still planning attacks on European soil.
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TPP meeting
Donald Trump Withdrawing U.S. From TPP 'Opens Door for Chinese Leadership'
China's own version of the trade deal could prevail in the region in the future.
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Binali Yildirim
Turkey Pulls Controversial Bill on Child Brides
UNICEF has expressed concern that the bill could result in an "amnesty for child-abuse perpetrators."
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Palestinian protest against mosque-silencing bill
Hamas Chief Khaled Meshaal: Israel Is ‘Playing With Fire’ by Silencing Mosques
Khaled Meshaal has warned Israel of the consequences of angering the "Palestinian community."
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Amy Adams
Amy Adams: Stop Asking Women Actors Why They Are Paid Less Than Men
According to Adams, the wrong people are being asked about pay disparity in Hollywood.
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Robert Mugabe
Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe Hints at Retirement, Acknowledges Financial Crisis
The 92-year-old leader is Africa's oldest head of state.
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Andy Murray, left, with Novak Djokovic.
How Tennis’ Flawed Ranking System Made Andy Murray World Number One
By certain metrics, Novak Djokovic has had the better year.
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Qatar Airways at Le Bourget airport
Qatari Women Robbed of $5.3 Million in Valuables in Paris Freeway Heist
Two men held up the pair in their chauffeur-driven Bentley.
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Jeremy Clarkson and Showrunners Brainstorm Name of Amazon Car Show
'The Grand Tour' is Already Amazon's Biggest Original Series
Amazon still won't reveal its ratings, however.
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