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Will the Republican Party Recover From a Donald Trump Defeat?

Or will voters have the short memories so often discernible in American political life?

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What Difference Would Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton Mean to Europe?

Will Europe be cast asunder from an American commitment that has been ironclad since 1945?

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How Newsweek Reported Past Presidential Elections

Remembering the moments and controversies that shaped U.S. presidential elections past.

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Jeremy Clarkson

Exclusive: Jeremy Clarkson Attacks ‘Disgusting’ Government Plan to Reveal BBC Stars’ Salaries

„The Grand Tour” star tells Newsweek it’s „just not British” to discuss money.

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Masha Alekhina

Pussy Riot: U.S. Presidential Election Can Provide an Example to Russia’s Patriarchy

The U.S. can choose between the future of women’s rights with Hillary Clinton, or the past, like Russia has, says Maria Alekhina.

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Chibok girls

Nigeria’s Chibok Girls: How Many Have Escaped Boko Haram?

More than two years on, 196 Chibok girls remain missing.

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Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Turkey’s Recep Erdogan: Kurdish Offensive in Raqqa Is ‘Naive’

Erdogan denounced the SDF, the Kurdish group fighting ISIS, as a „terrorist organization.”

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Rumen Radev

Socialist-Backed General Rumen Radev Leads Bulgarian Presidential Vote

A win for Radev could prompt new snap parliamentary elections.

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Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo: I Want Ten More Years at Real Madrid

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