luni, 21 noiembrie 2016


  • Mosul battle: 'ISIL tries to kill as many as possible'
    Al Jazeera
    Al-Samah, near Mosul - Four men clung to the black Humvee as it careered toward the east Mosul field hospital. Anguish marked their faces, blood stained their clothes and they cradled between them the broken frames of two slightly built boys - victims of a mortar strike minutes earlier. A crowd rushed forward to meet the vehicle, helping to lift the casualties on to stretchers under a shroud of settling dust. Matham, 15, was unresponsive - head back, mouth open, gaze unfocused - and an ugly red stain had soaked through his clothes at the neck. A medic placed him on a stretcher, examined his wounds and put two fingers on his carotid artery, searching for a pulse. The 12-year-old Mohammed lay on Read More

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