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Donald Trump, Syria and the Death of ‘America First’

Trump’s campaign slogan had undeniable political appeal. But as the U.S. strike in Syria shows, it couldn’t survive the realities of the Oval Office.

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Could Russia Have Stopped the U.S. Strike on Syria?

Moscow had its S-400 missile system in range of the strike.

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Rubio: North Korea Should be Worried about U.S. Attack after Syrian Strike

„It had to be done,” Rubio said.

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Nice attack

Vehicle Attacks in Europe: A Timeline

A truck plowed into pedestrians in the center of the Swedish capital on Friday.

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Why Southern Christian Doctor Willie Parker Changed His Mind About Performing Abortions

The 54-year-old devout Christian says his faith led him to believe he has a duty to help women in need.

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Is the Trump-Putin Bromance Over?

Even after the Syrian missile strike, don’t be so sure.

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German Far-Right Leader Says Anti-Immigrant Party Good for Jews

The comments come as the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party is embroiled in a scandal over its attitude toward Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich.

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Ukraine’s Corrupt Elites Make a Mockery of Western Support

Democracy is at risk from persistent assaults upon freedoms won by the Maidan protests.

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Millennials in China are more likely to own their own homes.

Young People in China Aren’t Living With Their Parents—Unlike American Millennials

Ninety-one percent of millennials who did not own a home already had plans to buy a house within the next five years.

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